Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You Can't Fix Crazy

Ron White said "you can't fix stupid", but you can't fix crazy either. When I use the word "crazy", I never mean mental illness. Crazy isn't an illness, it's an attitude, and everybody needs a little crazy in their lives. It's that time that you set aside for yourself and people close to you to ignore everyone else and have fun.

Stay off Facebook, put the camera away, get your mind off of problems for a bit and just have fun. Of course your definition of "fun" depends a bit on your definition of "close". If you're young and single,  call up some good friends for a night out, or even a random road trip. If you're young and taken, plan a date. If you're a parent, do something crazy with your kids. Crazy does not mean "unsafe" though. If you can have fun, forget your worries for a while, and not get hurt doing it, you might just be a little crazy.

Social media is awesome, but it's in close competition with text messaging for the title of "least personal communication medium ever." I can respect that social media opens up new worlds for people who have verbal communication issues or anxiety issues, but it is rarely one-on-one, if it's ever one-on-one at all. The messages are private, but never exclusive. Chatting on Facebook can mean multiple simultaneous conversations. "The more, the merrier" is not always true, especially not foe me.

You can't show me you care about me by dropping me in a crowd. I can have fun, and they may all be great people, but if I can be replaced by anyone else in a heartbeat, how can I be sure whether you want me there or not? If I can't change your routine for a day, or at least jump in a conversation, I don't need to be there. You don't need a crowd around you to be crazy; it's possible alone, but it's sometimes best with just one good person, or a few good people around. I am here, I am crazy, but I am NOT here to impress anyone. If you can't handle my crazy alone, don't put your friends through it. Don't put *me* through it. If I don't matter to you, don't pawn me off on them and expect me to be my normal crazy self.

Take me off the grid. Give me a reason to ignore phone calls. Stay off the grid yourself when you're with me. Crazy doesn't get interrupted by a text-based message. If you can hear my voice, acknowledge the time I'm giving you and reciprocate. If you can see my face, that goes double. Be crazy, be yourself, and never put social media above face-to-face time.

If this is the first time I've seen you in months, don't start a movie, don't boot your laptop, and don't dare have a conversation with someone to which I can't contribute. Before social media, people had memories...now, if it's not on instagram, or if you didn't "check in", it didn't happen. Crazy doesn't mean feeling like you're not there in spirit when you're there in body. Crazy is making memories, not composing tweets or Facebook statuses. No amount of social media brainwashing will change that about me. Apparently talking to and spending time with someone without a need for wi-fi is crazy. You can't fix crazy, don't try it on me.